Hi, and welcome to the Glencuan Pointers blog site. While my main interest in pointers is in field trial competition I am also very keen to raise the profile of the pointer as an all round working gundog. For years I didn’t teach my dogs to retrieve on the basis that since in competition they wouldn’t be required to retrieve I was running the risk of encouraging them to be unsteady. I no longer believe this to be true and in fact careful study of the usage of pointers in Europe, where in the main they are required to retrieve, suggests that a correctly trained retrieving pointer is in fact less likely to run in and also a retrieving dog appears to be a harder hunter. These factors, combined with a desire to become involved in competition in Europe means that several of my current dogs are being trained to retrieve and the next couple of pups will also learn this task.
I am now working with the fifth generation of dogs to emanate from Ombra, Echednei Hendi, the black Italian bred bitch that I bought from Marino d’Urzo. The next generation, Sophie is in whelp as I write this (28/01/14) is on the way and I’m excited at the prospect as I really enjoy working with and moulding pups. Although I ended up with some good dogs out of these last five generations it was all rather a fluke but the hopes that I have for the future are based on the result of long exhaustive research. Basso, Oksby Basso and Chris, Toften’s Chris came from one of the oldest and most reverred kennels in Denmark and combined with the breeding lines in my own kennel form a sound breeding platform. The really exciting prospect though is Uno, Fugledes Uno. Flemming Fuglede Jorgensen is the current holder of the Fugledes prefix having taken over from his father and the success of the kennel dates back to 1947. Argueably Flemming has the top kennel in Denmark. He is now consistently breeding generation after generation of champion dogs from his own stock and if you need convincing go to the “Dansk Pointer Klub’s” site and look at the Scandanavian trial results for 2013. I rest my case.

Banner Photo.
“Chris doing what pointers do on Black Brook 2013”
Photo Des O’Neile.

Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Dalton the Captain, Getty and O’Neile,
Lynch and Kieran_
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;

Apologies to The Bard.


15 Responses to Home

  1. p burns says:

    I have got the grandson of oksby basso,lovely dog,superb temprement and good pointer though have only been shooting with him once and he has had no proper training just came naturally.Would like to breed of him sometime.

    • glencuanpointers says:

      There is no doubt that Basso and his sire Chris have added something to my kennel. Basso in particular is engineered to be just about the most perfectly balanced running machine and Chris is the most complete pointing shooting dog (Not bad in competition either) that I have ever owned but credit for that must go to a large extent to how he was worked in Denmark. However Bess played a part in the recipe too and when people like you talk about Basso being involved in the production of natural workers I can’t help but think that she would have had a part in that and than of course Bella would add something to the mix as well. I presume Duke was the sire of your dog. Any pictures you would care to share?

  2. Louisa Nally says:

    great photos I particularly like Coco only saw this coloring once before on a pointer bred by Tony Kieran in Co. Mayo

  3. opaline says:

    hi, can you tell me if my dog is a black pointer? i saw you posted on a board and knew a lot about pointers. my ‘lab’ sure looks like a lab, but i see pointer. he is thin and has a deep chest. his chest is very long and low. he has longish legs and his tail looks like a lab otter tail but skinnier. he walks like he is roaming. he has more of a ‘snout’ than a lab? where can i send you a pic? thanks.

  4. Stevie kerr says:

    Hi des stevie here I’ve sent you messages on your diary but don’t think there uploading. Could you give me your telephone number I did have it but misplaced it.cheers



  5. Katy says:

    Hi Des,
    We’ve sent you a few emails. Have you received them?
    All the best,
    Katy and Brad

    • glencuanpointers says:

      Yes I did but it’s been a busy old week, three days of hospital appointments and then two days of shooting as our season ended yesterday 31st January. I’m sending you a proper email after this.

  6. Gerard Davey says:

    Hi Des,
    Very sad to hear of your health problems and truly hope you can give cancer the big feck off!!!
    Do you think there are certain lines of pointers that do better on snipe than others? I have some very nice beats which hold decent numbers, not great but more than adequate!
    I can get a Cocker to work nice patterns close enough to suffice with this little gamebird for the shot but would prefer a more specialist bird dog to fly a falcon over.

    • glencuanpointers says:

      I have only ever had one dog that was reluctant to point snipe but he was a dog that didn’t like getting his belly wet, especially if it was cold water. Some mainland trainers don’t want their dogs to point snipe so send them on through them but I need my dogs to point snipe as in competition, in Ireland, they might be the only opportunity presented. If you can avoid putting a dog off cold water then it’s just a question of giving the dog the opportunity to find them. I’m don’t think the line of the dog has anything to do with it. It’s all down to opportunities.

      • Gerard Davey says:

        Thanks for the reply Des,
        My Brittany bitch will not point them at all, she’s still young and does a very good job on larger gamebirds but just keeps bumping Snipe up! She’s not keen on water underfoot and maybe this has something to do with it….doesn’t like getting her belly wet!!
        How is William coming along?


      • glencuanpointers says:


        Big Will is doing fine but somebody seeing him without knowing the whole story would find him backward. I have done nothing with him, intentionally, as he’s off to California on 19th or so.

  7. Gerard Davey says:

    That sound very nice for William.
    Am keeping an eye on litters over here…hopefully something will catch my eye!



  8. Eamonn Mc Cann says:

    Hi Des, I’m wondering if you would have a dog that would be suitable for a sister of Coco’s ? She’s pushing it on age and will be her only litter if it happens, she’s due to come I to heat normally around the start of May ! If you could get back to me by email or if you still have my number as I’ve lost yours ! Thanks Eamonn

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